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About this site...
After acquiring the passion to clean up and somewhat restore one of the oldest Cope family cemeteries in Breathitt Co., we were bitten by the genealogy bug! What led us to the cemetery in the first place is that several of our South ancestors are buried there, yet we also discovered we have Cope ancestors buried there as well. It didn't take long to discover there had been very little in the way of compiling information on our branch of the Souths. We are changing that, and this humble web site is part of our efforts. If this is your family, please contact us!

About us...
The South Family Genealogy Association is not a formal organization, but simply South family kin in passionate pursuit of documenting the history of our family. This pursuit has involved many hours of digging through documents, cemeteries, and exploring the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. One of our main projects is the maintenance of the old Cope cemetery in Breathitt county, which began as a few of us hacking out years of neglect, and has grown into an annual family reunion in the spring of each year. Our research now includes a long list of surnames, spanning several states and continents. Explore this web site to learn more, and if you find your family here and/or would like to contribute to our efforts please contact us!

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Dedicated to the
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Herschel L. South
Herschel L. South
we miss you!

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Jayne McRae/South
Jayne McRae/South
we miss you!

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Ed O'Rear
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