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The Lewis Cemetery

in Dallas, GA

This cemetery is located near what is left of the Dallas Civil War Battlefield in Dallas, GA. These photos and information are courtesy of fellow South descendant Vince Barker.

Wide shot of the Veteran memorial grave markers
Richard South
Memorial grave marker for 1st Sgt. Richard L. South, Co B, 5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Orphan Brigade). His body was never recovered from the field so the marker was placed in the Lewis Cemetary were several other Kentucky soldiers are buried.
He was killed on May 28th, 1864, during the ill fated charge of the Orphan Brigade against an entire Union corps, entrenched in a woodline. Due to a series of miscommunications when the attack started, the Kentucky Brigade was attacking the Union line virtually alone, with no flank support, and took terrible casualties. Even after the order was given to withdraw, the 5th Kentucky refused, and continued forward into the murderous fire. Only when their commander, Col. Hiram Hawkins, rode to the front of the line, grabbed their colors, and ordered them to withdraw did they do so. They were just yards from the Union lines. Among those killed was 1stSgt South, who was noted as being the furthest most man in the regiment, only 20 paces from the Yankee line. This is so noted in Ed Porter Thompson's "History of the Kentucky Orphan Brigade".
Last modified: October 04 2023