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The 1999 Cope Cemetery Reunion
at the
Old Cope Cemetery

Our first reunion at the Cope cemetery in Breathitt Co. was great! It took place on Saturday May 29th, 1999. Finally to meet a few of the 'names' we've seen on email! And in spite of some of our conflicting family backgrounds, no new feuds were started! On Saturday, we set a stone for Caroline Cope South, and confederate military markers for Jeremiah Weldon South Jr. and for A.C. Cope (special thanks to Stephen Bowling for making this possible and for showing his expertise with a shovel !). A.C. Cope's marker provided quite a challenge as his existing grave stone, which is quite large (and heavy!) was close to toppling from roots of a near-by pine tree growing under it. 6 or so of us were able to tip the marker, dig out under it, cut out the offending roots, back-fill and level with creek stones. (see photos below) Afterwards we ate lunch and sat in the shade after exchanging stories (and listening to the wealth of information Stephen Bowling has) and sharing pictures. On Sunday, we were able to get most of the cemetery cleaned up and looking like a cemetery again! (Thank you Archie!)

We would like to make this 'gathering' an annual event. Better organized, maybe with a pitch-in lunch. Everyone interested in this please email me (even those of you who attended this year) and we'll get started planning it now so we can all set aside the time for it. Until then, here are a few pictures to enjoy! (A few of them are large)

Resetting A.C. Cope's Marker
Shot 1    Shot 2    Shot 3    Shot 4    Shot 5    Shot 6
Shot 7    Shot 8    Shot 9    Shot 10    Shot 11   

Stories and Scrapbooks
Shot 1    Shot 2    Shot 3    Shot 4   

Caroline Cope South finally gets a marker
Jayne McRae & Dawn Bultman placing the marker