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Cope Cemetery


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May 2004 Clean-up, Reunion and Confederate Burial Ceremony
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August 2016 (Jayne South McRae's last visit)

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This listing is a record of the ACTUAL etchings on the grave markers in this cemetery. The information here is not to be considered as fact, as the dates or spelling of names can quite often be incorrect on a marker. If you know of errors on the markers recorded here, please send it to me and I will make a note of it here. Thanks - Scott

"There are several families buried in that cemetery (McIntosh, Lane, Trent, and others) that are not related but arrived there after it became the community cemetery in the 1870s and there after."
- Stephen Bowling

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[this grave is unmarked]
Herschel Amburgy
(buried close to Alpha & Jay Cox) 3
Molly (Smith) Holbrook

An inspiration to all who knew her
Sally Ballard

Carl Brock
Nov. 23, 1923

Zoa R. Brock
March 31,1920
Dec. 27, 1989

Amos Campbell
Gone but not forgotten

Bertha Campbell
Darling we miss thee

Sherman Campbell
Son of H. Campbell

James Carpenter
borned 7-4-1894
died 4-28-1944

In God We Trust
Easter Caudill
bornd 7-22-1880
dide 10-7-1918

Walter (Collins)
Son of W.M. & Martha A. Collins
born Apr. 7, 1887
died July 15, 1902
Our loved one

Will Collins

A.C. Cope
born May 10, 1828
died Nov. 8, 1907
(Archibald, son of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

Elizabeth (Cope)
wife of J.D. Cope
born 1-23-1803
died 11-12-1892
A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled,
a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
(daughter of Archibald & Margaret Crawford) 1
Scott Hampton

James Cope
born 11-8-1798
died 4-26-1886
Whilst in this tomb our father lies,
his spirit rests above,
In realms of bliss it never dies,
but knows a Saviour's love
(James D., son of Wiley & Keziah Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

Julia Ann (Cope)
Wife of A.C. Cope
born Feb. 17, 1838
died Sept. 5, 1898
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
(her maiden name is Taylor) 1
Scott Hampton

Green Cope
born Apr. 20, 1842
died Aug. 23, 1853
(son of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

Leander (Cope)
Son of A.C. & S. Cope
born Mar. 3, 1854
died Dec. 19, 1854
A little time on earth he spent till God for him His angel sent
click here to view photo of grave stone

Margaret (Cope)
wife of A.C. Cope
born 1-7-1849
died 9-13-1890
(her maiden name is Day) 1
Scott Hampton

Roe Alice (Cope)
daughter of A.C. & M. Cope
born 1-26-1873
died 7-22-1874
From love's shining circle the gems drop away

Sabina (Cope)
Wife of A.C. Cope
Born Apr. 11, 1831
Died May 24, 1858
She believed and sleeps in Jesus
(her maiden name is Hargis) 1
Scott Hampton

Sabina (Cope) - daughter of A.C. & S. Cope
Born May 14, 1858
Died June 27, 1858
The briefer life, the earlier immortality

Wiley Cope
born May 2, 1830
died Sept. 29, 1837
(son of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

William Cope
born Feb. 3, 1825
died Mar. 28, 1854
Sleep brother dear, and take your rest.
God called you home, He thought it best.
Twas hard indeed, to part with thee,
But Christ's strong arm supported me.
(son of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

Wm. Price (Cope)
son of A.C. & M. Cope
born May 4, 1871
died Oct. 26, 1886
No pains, no grief, no anxious fears,
can reach our loved one sleeping here

Alpha (Cox)
dau. of H.F. and Amanda Cox
borned June 30, 1916
dec. Nov. 2, 1918
Gone home
(stone carved with a knife)

Jay (Cox)
son of H.F. and Amanda Cox
borned Feb. 16, 1914
dec. Oct. 28, 1918
Gone home
(stone carved with a knife)

Walker Deaton
Pvt. 102 Inf. 26 Div
Jan. 11, 1920

Feb. 22, 1866
June 2, 1940
He has gone to
the mansions
or rest
May 13, 1868
A tender mother
and a faithful

Martha (Fletcher) wife of R.M. Fletcher
born 4-25-1825
died 5-15-1892
Rest mother rest in quiet sleep
while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep

[this grave is unmarked]
Charles Martin Gillum
born 1844
died circa 1930
(son of John & Ellen (Welch) Gillum) 3
Molly (Smith) Holbrook

John L. Gillum
Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear

Georgia Ann Gillum
Jan. 14, 1881
May 5, 1967
(wife of Robert Gillum)

[this grave is unmarked]
Isabella Gillum
Wife of Charles Martin Gillum
born 1856
died ?
(dau. of Wiley & Susan (Strong) Cope) 3
Molly (Smith) Holbrook

[this grave is unmarked]
Liza Mae Gillum
Wife of William Gillum
born ?
died circa 1911
(she & baby are buried in the same coffin) 3
Molly (Smith) Holbrook

Louise Gillum
Jan. 20,1888
Apr. 1, 1958
At rest

Omer Gillum
July 28, 1910
May 17, 1941
At rest

Robert Edward Gillum
Dec 18, 1880
Nov. 23, 1971
(son of Charles & Isabella (Cope) Gillum)

Thomas Gillum
Oct. 2, 1885
Apr. 15, 1959
At rest

[this grave is unmarked]
William Gillum
born 1883
died ?
(son of Charles & Isabella (Cope) Gillum) 3
Molly (Smith) Holbrook

Fred Gullett
born 9-30____
died 6-30-1897

Pearl (Hager)
daughter of W.S. & Carrie Hager
Sep. 24, 1900
Oct. 30, 1902
Not lost but gone before

Angie Hatton
Mom Wife of Willis Hatton

Burnam E. Hatton
US Navy
5-4-1919 11-11-1986

Ed Hatton
born 8-8-1869
died 12-19-1936

4- -1894
Beyond the sunset
Gone but not forgotten

Rev Henry Hatton
born 12-30-1870
died 9-28-1947
At rest - Gone but not forgotten

Menerva Hatton
born 4-5-1898
dec. 6-5-1951
Gone to rest
(uncertain about the first name - stone is badly worn)

Carrie Hounshell NEW! (08/17/19)
Young daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
[ simple stone grave marker ] 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy

Elizabeth Sheffield Hounshell NEW! (08/17/19)
1844 - ?
Wife of Thomas Jefferson Hounshell
[ simple stone grave marker ] 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy, her great-grandmother

Franklin Hounshell NEW! (08/17/19)
born 1811 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy

dec. abt 1870 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy

[ reportedly buried here in an unmarked grave ] 2
Stephen Bowling

Sarah Hounshell NEW! (08/17/19)
born 1815 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy

dec. 1860 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy

Wife of Franklin Hounshell
[ reportedly buried here in an unmarked grave ] 2
Stephen Bowling

Thomas Jefferson Hounshell NEW! (08/17/19)
1840 - 1917
Son of Franklin and Sarah Hounshell
[ simple stone grave marker ] 4
Ann (Hounshell) Marcy, her great-grandfather

Edgar Lane
1898 - 1976

J.S. May
born Feb. 19, 1873
died Feb. 24, 1905
At rest

Rebeckie G. (McGuire)
Daughter of J.W. & Mary McGuire
born Aug. 2, 1907
died Oct. 22, 1918
gone home

N. McIntosh
CO. 1 **
14 KY. CAV. **
Nimrod McIntosh
born Feb. 14, 1838
died June 3, 1903
(the 2 lines noted ** were all but gone,
what we have recorded here is our best guess)

Jane Merida
(there is what seems to be a footstone for this grave with "J.C." on it and this grave is among the other Campbell graves which leads us to wonder if Merida is her middle or maiden name)

Mary Miller
1882 - 1957

Joseph Mullins
Kentucky T. Sgt.
698 Ord. Co. Avn.
3-29-1894 1-6-1954

Elizabeth (Parrott)
wife of L. Parrott
born 5-18-1845
died 9-30-1918
Beloved one farewell
(This is Elizabeth Cope, daughter of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

(hard to make out, appears to be scratched with a knife)

Dorthy (Rowe)
Dau. of A.R. & I. Rowe
1929 - 1940

Dora Short
Dec. 9, 1888
Aug. 11, 1920
A devoted mother
(Eudora, daughter of J.W. & Lula B. South) 1
Scott Hampton

click here to view photo of grave stone

Caroline South
wife of Jerimiah Weldon South Jr.
born Aug. 22, 1839
died Nov. 29, 1917
(daughter of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

J.W. South
son of J.W. & Caroline South
born Oct. 3, 1868
died May 16, 1896
What hopes have perished with you, my son
(this is Jerimiah Weldon South III) 1
Scott Hampton

click here to view photo of grave stone

Jerry South
born Mar. 23, 1840
died Feb. 7, 1864
Our father has gone to a mansion of rest,
from a region of sorrow and pain,
to the glorious land by the Deity blest,
where he never can suffer again.
(this is Jerimiah Weldon South Jr.) 1
Scott Hampton

Lula B. South
1886 - 1954
(wife of Jerry W. South III, daughter of John S. & Evaline Hargis) 1
Scott Hampton

(NOTE: the birth year on this stone is wrong. Her year of birth was 1869.) 1
Scott Hampton

click here to view photo of grave stone

Arthur E (Strong).
son of A.C. & Julia Strong
born Mar. 24, 1898
died Oct. 2, 1901
Asleep in Jesus

Calloway Strong
1865 - 1913

Clarence (Strong)
son of A.C. & J.A. Strong
born July 24, 1893
died Mar. 9, 1894
Suffer the children to come unto Me

James B. Strong
Jan. 23, 1860
Oct. 10, 1929
God defends the right

James Kash Strong
Aug. 17, 1908
Nov. 27, 1926
Fond hopes have perished with thee my son

Julia Strong
1869 - 1907

Lucinda C.
1834 - 1916
(daughter of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

Thomas J.
1833 - 1917

Mahala (Strong)
daughter of W.M. & Jane Strong
born Jan. 24, 1900
died May 31, 1903
Gone but not forgotten

J.R. Wilson
born 7-13-1825
died 12-13-1895
(his first name is Jackson)
wife of
J.R. Wilson
born 11-15-1833
died 10-31-1892
(daughter of J.D. & Elizabeth Cope) 1
Scott Hampton

About this listing...
Additional Information Sources:
  1. Scott Hampton
  2. Stephen Bowling
  3. Molly (Smith) Holbrook
  4. Ann (Hounshell) Marcy
This cemetery is located in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, a few miles north of the town of Jackson in Breathitt County. When we first found it, it was completely grown over with vines, small trees and weeds, only allowing just two or three of the many grave stones to be seen. Since the initial clearing, our family is currently working to maintain and continue clearing this cemetery. However, we can only spend one or two weekends a year on it. If anyone reading this has ancestors buried here, won't you please consider donating one weekend a year in helping to restore this cemetery? If you want more details about volunteering, pleasecontact me. Our thanks go to the King family, who own the land this cemetery is on and allow us the freedom to visit it and clear it.
List of graves as recorded by Jayne McRae, Scott Hampton, Dawn Bultman, April Hampton (all four of whom are direct descendents of J.W. South, Jerry South, Lula B. South, James Cope and Elizabeth Cope listed above), Adie McRae, Ed Bultman
1. There was a large brush pile at the rear-center of the cemetery that we were unable to clean up. We suspect there may be a few graves under the brush pile that are not recorded here.
2. Several of the graves, mostly Hatton, are located up on the hill above the main section of the cemetery. We cleared a path to these graves which begins behind the two fenced grave areas on the left side of the cemetery.
3. Every effort has been made to record the spelling of names and words exactly as they appear on each marker, and to carefully include those misspellings here.
4. Many stones have been broken or knocked over. In most cases we opted not to repair or reset those stones since we are not knowledgeable in the proper procedures for doing so and did not want to risk damaging them.
5. There are a few bases without markers. In most cases we were able to locate the markers buried next to the base. We simply uncovered the markers and left them laying down.
6. My footnotes on any particular individual appear in parentheses.
7. We located several sites that would appear to be possible graves due to the size and shape of sunken areas in the ground. These sunken areas also are in line with other graves and are located just to the right and just behind the fenced grave areas. The number of these possible graves is 6.
8. Number of unmarked stones: 63
If anyone has any questions about this information please contact me and I will do my best to help.
April 20, 1997
Scott Hampton

PS - Since this was compiled the cemetery was scanned using a sounding device (thank you Stephen Bowling and friend !) and it was determined there are many more graves here than what is apparent. We are hoping to locate a map of the graves cemetery. If you know of one PLEASE contact me.

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