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where South ancestors rest

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The Old Cope Cemetery in Breathitt Co., KY

Possibly the oldest Cope Family Cemetery in Breathitt County. Here lie Jeremiah W. South II, his wife Caroline Cope, their children Jeremiah W. South III (and wife Lula Hargis) and Eudora (south) Short. Also here are Caroline Copes parents (James D. Cope and Elizabeth Crawford) and siblings. The 1999 Cope Cemetery Reunion page has addition photos of work being done in this cemetery.

The Frankfort Cemetery in Frankfort, KY

This is a huge cemetery and we only have our ancestors listed. Here lie Jeremiah Weldon South (son of Samuel South) with wife Mary Magdalene Cockrell, and many descendants

The Hargis Family Cemetery in Jackson, KY

This is a private family cemetery. Here lie the parents of Lula (Hargis) South (John S. Hargis and Evaline M. Hargis) and siblings, including the infamous Judge James (Big Jim) H. Hargis.

The Hazel Green Cemetery in Hazel Green, KY

This is a large cemetery and we only have our ancestors listed. Here lie Harlan South (son of Jeremiah W. South III) with wife Emma Perkins, and H.L. South Jr. (infant son of Herschel Laverne South and Maxine Neff), Wiley and Mattie Perkins, Solomon and Louisa Cox

The Lewis Cemetery in Dallas, GA

Civil War memorial grave markers, including that of Richard L. South.

Last modified: October 04 2023